Thursday, December 29, 2016

Discovery - The Hedge Less Traveled - Perry Kent

 Dedicated to those who spent time looking through dusty attics and dirty bushes to find their own entrance to a land of magic.

Panel 1
Exterior, dull gray daylight, a city park. Michael, a ten year old boy, wiggles his legs from under a grand hedge as he looks for a ball among the foliage. Bernice, a ten year old girl, crosses her arms and rolls her eyes in irritation as she stands next to him. The light around them is a dull gray of an overcast day.

1. BERNICE: Haven't you found the ball yet? I don't want to lose another ball in this park.

2. MICHAEL: You could help me. You kicked it in here!

Panel 2
Interior of the hedge, dark. Michael and Bernice crawl through the wooden limbs and twigs of the underside of the bushes. They are searching for a ball.

3. BERNICE: These bushes seem really big for a city park. We've been crawling for a while.

4. MICHAEL: Yeah... Maybe our ball rolled through. I think I see the other side.

Panel 3
Exterior, bright and sunny daylight, park. Michael stands, shielding his eyes from bright sunshine, with a look of awe on his face as he stands infront of this side of the hedges. Bernice crawls from under the hedge, but hasn't looked up yet. The light around them is a brightness of a warm sunny day.

5. BERNICE: Do you see the ball?

Panel 4
A bustle of magical revelry fills a large open grassy field. A tiger-woman struts through the park. A man hovers a large ring of balls in a tight orbit above his head, as though with his mind. A man balances upside down on two fingers, on top of a stack of rocks. A woman twists flames in the sky like a ribbon.


Panel 5
Bernice and Michael stand in slack-jawed awe of the magical park that they've discovered.

6. BERNICE: Did...did you know this was here?


- END -

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