Friday, December 30, 2016

Discovery-The History of Rudolph-David Press.

I'm playing with Scrivener these days so apologies if the formatting comes through a little wonky.

We're looking in through the windshield of a silver Ford Focus. In the Driver's Seat is a burly sixty-something-year-old wearing a Russian General's hat. We can see the hammer and sickle gold emblem in the center of the hat, and a very thick winter coat. The DRIVER has a white beard, and he is so wide that he takes up the front half of the little vehicle. He's listening to the radio. 
Obviously the radio is a little radio balloon. 
I'm Tom Ashbrook, today On Point we're asking the question: what is your favorite Christmas Song? 
Is it Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? Or Jingle Bells? 
We're looking at the radio that's tuned to 90.5FM. Perhaps the shot can be wide enough  can pan up to the dashboard so we can see the day and time and temperature in the car. The temperature should read -5 Fahrenheit. 
Today we the grandson of the original writer behind Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer. 
Jeffrey May welcome to On Point. 
3. MAY
Thanks for having me. 
Our pleasure. So your grandfather was the original creator of the song. 
On the face of the Driver. He looks like if Santa Claus was a Rugby Player. His nose is a little red from the condensation of the 
5. MAY
That's right, Robert May was a junior copywriter for Montgomery Ward during the Great Depression, and he created the song as a part of his contract.  
And he took the assignment because his wife was dying? 
7. MAY
Yes, Tom. He wanted to create a story to comfort his children. 
His daughter liked the reindeer at the Chicago zoo and Eureka!
Eureka, Indeed.


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