Sunday, December 25, 2016

Discovery - A Little Knowledge - Grant McLaughlin

Set this up as a tablet page, long and short. I don't generally like to be too prescriptive in my panelling, but I think two rows of four panels each (1-3 and 4-6) would be the the way to go. Maybe all equal-sized panels, maybe not.

1 - Close on a man on the rooftop of a tall building - maybe an apartment or hotel? The man leans over the edge of the rooftop (there's something of a short wall at the edge for safety). He reaches over the short wall and down towards - and beyond - the bottom of the panel. Indeed, he's taking a rifle offered to himself by the version of him in panel 4, which we'll get to in due course.

MAN: Over the course of human history, our understanding of the basic rules governing reality have continued to change and evolve.

2 - The man goes about setting up the rifle on the roof's edge to give it a proper base for shooting.

MAN: What was once undeniably true ultimately turning out to be anything but.

3 - The man takes aim and pulls the trigger, with a large muzzle-flash (and perhaps bullet flying out and trailing away). Important to note that he is aiming down and to the left, shooting the version of himself in panel 5.

MAN: Are we truly governed by the these "rules"? Or are we simply limited by our unwavering faith in their current rightness?

4 - The man stands up on his tiptoes and passes the gun up to his iteration in panel 1 (across the panel border and gutter, as described earlier). He remains in the same position on the roof.

MAN: This is a dangerous thought process.

5 - The man is shot the back of the head by the bullet fired from panel 3 (he's looking to the left). Perhaps show the bullet's trail through the air on the page (although not strictly necessary).

MAN: It not only risks being self-indulgent--

6 - The man lies dead on the rooftop, blood pooling around his corpse. Frame from further back, with the body and blood as the only feature in the empty rooftop, to better emphasize the violence against the stark background.

CAPTION (MAN): "But also self-destructive."

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