Saturday, December 31, 2016

Discovery - Omegaman: Origins - P. A. Nolte

1/ In the backyard of a suburban house, two brothers stand side by side in awe at something glowing with an alien light slightly out of sight.  The elder is tall and athletic with dark hair.  The younger is short, round and blonde.

Bobby: Tommy...?

2/ The brothers peer over the rim of the crater.  In the center rests a perfectly smooth, egg-shaped UFO made from some manner of dark, reflective mineral.

Tommy: I don't know, Bobby.  Something big.

3/ The brothers, years later, in the liminal stages of their perspective careers.  The elder brother has started to unhinge. He has lost weight and his hair is unkempt.  He plays with a hand built remote, sending a series of crude robots at his brother, now tall and muscular in his own right.

Bobby: You?!  My own brother!

4/ The older brother, now in his mid-30's, has subscribed fully to the maniacal frizzy hair and bowtie villain look.  He is being pulled through the cracked dome of a 30-foot-tall robot by his brother, now a smiling paragon of virtue in the style of 1950's Superman.

Tommy: You'll never bring them back.

5/ In the vast halls of a bizarre museum, or maybe a zoo, or both, is a pedestal on which rests the large glowing UFO from before.  Around it are small tanks featuring alien lifeforms and technology, remnants of buildings and vehicles, samples of supervillain ephemera, and everything in between.

Caption: You'll never bring them back.

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