Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Musicals – Deadpool LIVE! (But Not Really!): An Epic Musical Extravaganza Event! – MK Stangeland, Jr.

(5 Panels)

(Note – All panels below should be done as if they were taking place inside an indoor theater of some kind.)

Panel 1: DEADPOOL – technically, an actor dressed as DEADPOOL – rides down and across the theater from the back to the stage on a line of some kind. He’s dressed up in full costume, with an Elvis-style costume over it, he’s carrying a guitar that he at least looks like he’s playing, the guitar should resemble a prop ax weapon. Attached to his back by some sort of pole or stick, pointing out to the side, is a yellow box with words written on each side.

SFX: (Epic Music Notes)

YELLOW BOX: Behold my epicness!


Panel 2: DEADPOOL actor lands on the stage amongst the assembled chorus in a way that faces out toward the audience. ‘Ninjas’ – stage crew dressed up to match the background – remove the YELLOW BOX from Panel 1.

A pair of blank screens are in the background, one of which is currently showing a yellow box.

SFX: (Epic Music Notes)

MUSIC (1): (Sung) This is, his show;

MUSIC (2): (Sung) It’s DEAD-POOL!

YELLOW BOX: Aaaaand nailed the landing!

Panel 3: The Chorus pulls the ‘Elvis’ outer costume off ‘DEADPOOL’ as the pull away and dance into the background, leaving ‘DEADPOOL’ in just his classic red and black.

SFX: (Epic Music Notes)

DEADPOOL: (Sung) The star you deserve has arrived!

YELLOW BOX: (With singing) You did paid for him, after all!

Panel 4: ‘DEADPOOL’ leans in towards the audience.

SFX: (Epic Music NotesDownplayed)

DEADPOOL (1): But just between you and me, I’m not actually Deadpool.

YELLOW BOX: Ha! Joke’s on you!

DEADPOOL (2): The real Deadpool is a very busy man, so he hired me to fill in for him.

Panel 5: The DEADPOOL actor starts walking back as he plays the guitar he’s holding; the chorus and backup singers and dancers move forward again to fill in around him.

SFX: (Epic Music Notes)

DEADPOOL: But let’s just keep that between us!

YELLOW BOX: Or else!


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