Thursday, December 8, 2016

Musicals - Wicked and Divine: Dancing Through Life - Perry Kent

I decided to do something a little strange by taking a song from the musical Wicked and matching it with one of the characters from the comic Wicked + Divine.

Panel 1
Exterior, night, outside of a warehouse. Dionysus leans against the wall of a warehouse as he smokes a cigarette. A fangirl gushes just a few feet away from him. Dionysus is fully tricked out in his glowing godly status.

1. FANGIRL: OMG! Dionysus! You’re my total faves!

2. FANGIRL: I use to be so caught up in school--

Panel 2
Dionysus flicks his cigarette away, with a wide smile on his face.

3. DIONYSUS (sing): The trouble with schools is, they always try to teach the wrong lesson

4. DIONYSUS (sing): Believe me, I’ve been kicked out of enough of them to know

Panel 3
Dionysus twirls the fangirl, their hands joined together. The fangirl throws her head back in joy.

5. DIONYSUS (sing): They want you to become less callow

6. DIONYSUS (sing): Less shallow

Panel 4
Dionysus throws open the door of the warehouse, revealing a party raging within. The fangirl looks like she is about to melt with joy.

7. DIONYSUS (sing): But I say: Why invite stress in?

8. DIONYSUS (sing): Stop studying strife, and learn to live the unexamined life

Panel 5
Dionysus beckons the fangirl (and reader) to follow him into the dancing crowd of people inside of the warehouse.

9. DIONYSUS: by...

10. DIONYSUS (sing): ...Dancing through life!

- END -

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