Friday, December 16, 2016

Sidekicks--"Hipster Caped Crusaders"--David Press.


            A black panel or screen with nothing to show. The caption can hang near the bottom of the panel. When suddenly…
1. CAPTION:                            I gave up being a crime fighter about a year ago.

            A SPOTLIGHT shines down to show a stage and there stands a band. The band is Batman as the lead singer, flanked on either side by Nightwing and Red Robin on lead guitar, Red Hood on Bass and Batwoman playing drums.  
2. CAPTION:                            Instead I opened up to love and started a band.

            A series of panels spotlighting each one of them and their attire. Try to stretch these panels across the second tier. Since it’s a tight space, let’s just have five skinny panels featuring the characters from the chest up.
I’m thinking what might work is Batman is wearing a blue cardigan with a black shirt and grey tie. Nightwing is wearing a hoody with his Nightwing symbol on it and has his hair done up in a man-bun. Robin is dressed in a Letterman’s Cardigan (those things that people received in the 1950s before they got their Letterman’s Varsity Jacket because Robin is still in high school. Red Hood is wearing a leather jacket and a red ski mask—he looks a little bit like a Snowboarder, and Batwoman is wearing the same mask as she usually does with a side cape and fingerless gloves as she drums hard on the kit.
            I think we can stretch the caption across the bottom of this tier. I’m probably pushing it here, but I’d rather take the gamble and see what I can learn from it than play it safe.
3. CAPTION:                            There’s one catch about opening the Bat Cave as a rock club: you have to keep it secret still.

1.8 CUT TO:
            Alfred standing outside of the Batcave. He’s the bouncer—he’s holding the rope out to get into the Bat Cave, which is the old style Bat Cave entrance from Batman ’66. He’s checking DEATH CERTIFICATES. A sullen TEENAGER stands next to him. The kid looks like he hasn’t slept in weeks.
4. ALFRED:                              When did your parents die?

5. KID:                                      Sob. Two months ago.

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  1. I love the visuals conjured by the description of the band. I'd love to see just 1.3-7 as a poster.


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