Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sidekicks – In A Name – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: An office, the headquarters of DIAMOND JIM, a detective superhero. It’s a room that’s largely in disarray.

In the midst of it all, hard at work trying to organize things, is ‘SIDEKICK BOY’, a teenager whose dressed in a spiffy, workplace friendly outfit.

SIDEKICK: (Downplayed) *grumble*grumble*

Panel 2: DIAMOND JIM enters the office from an adjacent room.

JIM: Keeping up the good work, kid?

SIDEKICK (1): Yeah, about that, sir?

SIDEKICK (2): When do I actually get to see some action?

Panel 3: JIM stops and looks at SIDEKICK BOY.

JIM: ‘Action’?

SIDEKICK: Yeah, when do I get to go out into the field with you and do some real superheroing?

Panel 4: SIDEKICK BOY is noticeably surprised with annoyed disappointed as JIM offhandedly answers him.

JIM (1): Ha, ha; ho, ho; no. No, no, no.

JIM (2): Taking a minor out with me when I do the most dangerous part of the job?

JIM (3): What kind of irresponsible superhero do you think I am? Batman?

Panel 5: SIDEKICK BOY questions DIAMOND JIM with indignation.

SIDEKICK (1): What?!

SIDEKICK (2): Then just what kind of sidekick am I?

JIM (1): Technically, you’re more an intern than a sidekick.

JIM (2): You did read through the entire application, right?

Panel 6: SIDEKICK BOY, deadfaced.


DIAMOND JIM (1): Well, consider that your first major lesson.

DIAMOND JIM (2): You know, alongside all the other lessons you’re learning just by doing all this very much non-dangerous work for me.


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  1. Love the acknowledgement of young sidekicks as irresponsible.


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