Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sidekicks - Lucky Bird - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Interior, night. Damian Wayne, in the Robin outfit, assumes a fighting stance. Ringing him are five unsavory types in clown makeup and ratty clown costumes. Some of the villains have knifes and one behind Damian has a pipe. They are in a warehouse filled with boxes.

1. DAMIAN: I'm sick of you clowns. But I'll ask again: where's your boss?

Panel 2
A pipe smacks Damian in the back of the head, knocking him forward.

2. SFX (pipe): CRACK!

Panel 3
Note: The art should be doubled and offset, as though Damian has severe double vision.
Damian lurches around avoiding a swing from a villian. A dark, unseen figure (Batgirl) pulls two villians out of the panel.


Panel 4
Note: The art should still be doubled and offset, but less than the last panel.
Damian smacks one of the villians in the face with a haphard punch. A dark, unseen figure (Batgirl) kicks another guy in the background.

3. SFX (punch): SMACK!

Panel 5
Note: His vision is mostly clear, but there should be some double-vision doubling still.
A figure in a dark cape (Batgirl) walks towards Damian, though the figure is still mostly cloaked in shadows. The reader should be lead to believe that this is Batman, come to rescue Damian.

4. DAMIAN: I know... You told me not to go after them alone. But I had to.

Panel 6
Note: His vision is totally clear now.
Batgirl steps into the light of the warehouse, revealing that it was not who Damian thought. Damian looks surprised to see her.

5. BATGIRL: Not listening to the big guy, huh? Been there.

6. BATGIRL: Next time, try a bit more more stealth. Less likely to get suckered by a pipe.

- END -

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