Monday, December 12, 2016

Sidekicks - On the Nose - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Jimmy Olsen sits in his apartment living room, moping.  He holds a handwritten note in his hands and seems to be looking at it (although he could also be staring off into space, unfocused).  His apartment and person are both kind of a mess - it's clear he's been in this funk for a bit of a while and hasn't been taking care of much.  A coffeetable sits in front of him, a pot of food with a fork in it and a phone on its surface.  Maybe have some Superman decorations around, or a picture of Superman and Jimmy together, with Supes kind of looming over Jimmy (due to size, more than anything).

CAPTION (JIMMY): Do you ever get the feeling that the universe is trying to tell you something?

2 - From Jimmy's perspective.  The note is in his hands, although only the last bit is really visible.  It reads:
"need to think about what you want to be. Call me when you know.
That said, the focus of the panel is the pot of noodles that Jimmy is eating from, with a rumpled and empty Sidekicks flavour pack next to it.  Off-panel, Jimmy's phone starts to vibrate with an incoming call.

SFX (phone): bzzt! bzzt!

3 - On Jimmy's phone as he reaches for it.  It vibrates and lights up with the incoming call.  It is a T-Mobile Sidekick (because of course it is).

SFX (phone): bzzt! bzzt!

4 - On Jimmy, talking on his phone.  He looks about as down and dour as he did in panel 1.

JIMMY: Hey, now's not really a great time, Dick.

CAPTION (JIMMY): Yeah, me neither.

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  1. I feel like a good follow up story would be "Superman's Friend Jimmy Olsen in 'Midlife Crisis: The Existential Awakening'". Jimmy gets a really cool car in that one.


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