Friday, December 2, 2016

The Ancient One: Everything is Ancient--David Press.


We’re going to open on the original comic version of the Ancient One and its cringe-worthy version. Captions will be the Ancient’s One’s narration.
CAPTION:                             The thing about being ancient is it comes in a variety of forms.

1.2 CUT TO:
The movie version of the character played by TILDA SWINTON. I guess just a screencap of that moment where she’s knocking Cumberswaffle out of his body.

A ball of dust on the floor.  
CAPTION:                             Sometimes it can be lint trapped in your navel, or old food in the refrigerator.
A look on Tilda Swinton’s face: smiling to the side and giving side-eye to the reader.

CAPTION:                             Ancient is a figure of speech.

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