Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Ancient One - Help - P. A. Nolte

1/ Hel.  Tartarus.  Who can tell the difference anymore?  This is The Casino of Erebus, where the recently (and not so recently) deceased desperately gamble for a way back.  Business is booming.

CAP: The Casino of Erebus

2/ The Ancient One sits at a slot machine decked out like a Grecian temple.

--- (OP): Yo!  Old man!  Are you "The Ancient One?"

3/ The Ancient One winces as he draws another coin from the bucket beside him.

--- (OP): O'Grady!  Show some respect!

--- (OP): What for?  Just another dead guy playing Match 3...

4/ The Ancient One has pulled the lever and started to turn around.  His clothes have started to swirl around him, shifting from a more relaxed fit set of robes befitting his... retirement.

--- (OP): Yeah, well.  We ain't exactly full of pep and vitality ourselves.  Besides, if this guy can get us back into action--

--- (OP): Ugh.  Always taking Jolly Green's side.

--- (OP): "Jolly Green?"  O'Grady, I will remind you again--

5/ Manifesting his traditional robes and helm, The Ancient One is angry.  He was just about to win.  He was sure.  But now he's being interrupted by these... miscreants.

The Ancient One: Enough!  This is how you seek counsel?!  With the mindless contretemps of squabbling babes?!

6/ In the midst of the casino are Wolverine, the Irredeemable Ant-Man, and Bruce Banner, doing his very best to suppress the massive form of his monstrous alter ego.

Wolverine: Sorry to interrupt your fun, Gramps.  We need a favor.

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