Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Ancient One - Serious Task of Learning - Perry Kent

I'll admit that I know little of Doctor Strange or The Ancient One. I did recently see the movie and this is meant to be a slight nod to the movie.

Panel 1
Interior, day, stone building. The Ancient One stands patiently just behind Doctor Strange, who is seated at a table (that we can not yet see). Strange concentrates one what he is doing with his hands, though it is not yet visible to the reader. They are inside a stone room with wooden tables and benches around.


Panel 2
Strange throws his hands in the air in exasperation. The Ancient One continues to look on patiently. Strange's task is still not shown.

1. STRANGE: This is damned hopeless! I'll never get this right.

Panel 3
The Ancient One places a hand on Strange's shoulder as though to comfort or console him. Strange massages his temples with one hand.

2. ANCIENT ONE: The road to perfection has many bumps and turns. But the journey is worth more than the destination.

Panel 4
Strange stands up suddenly. The Ancient One looks at him in surprise. The table that Strange was sitting at is still obscured from view.

3. STRANGE: Fine!

Panel 5
Strange walks away from the table, revealing a full tea set with various bottles of herbs and spices. Strange has a small caldron in hand, as might be used to heat water.

4. STRANGE: But I need to heat more water if we're going to go further down this tea making "road".

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