Sunday, December 4, 2016

Why Musicals?

No. Just... Just no.

Historically, comics and musicals have had a... tumultuous relationship, but they are undeniably intertwined.  From doodled fan art to full-on productions, there's a whole gamut of double-niche entertainment out there, and this week, we're throwing in.

If you're inspired by Annie, or Li'l Abner, or You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, go for it, but let's not limit ourselves.

Haven't seen Singin' in the Rain or West Side Story?  You really should!  They're awesome!  But maybe you want to go a little weirder, like Little Shop of Horrors, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, or The Phantom of the Paradise.  There is an infinite number of productions to visit or revisit.  (Grey Gardens?  Really?!)  And there are even more stories to tell.  Just like comics.

Strap in.  We're warming up for a kick line.

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