Friday, January 13, 2017

Batman Beyond - "Driver"-David Press

Imagine we're a bird way above the future GOTHAM CITY and the shadows of light that shine up into the night sky there's a black hole in the shape of a the flying BATMOBILE. 
This used to be the time of my life. Now it's just the same thing every day. 
A better shot of the Batmobile as it edges between skyscrapers. Let's try to mask Darwyn Cooke's design sensibilities here with the sharp lens flares all around the buildings, bouncing off the edges of the Batmobile. 
I've been Batman for five years now, and I feel like I should have graduated by now. That's what Bruce used to say: 

We're in the cockpit. Red and black, with TERRY MCGINNIS driving, draped in the colors. He's older here, let's say this is about five or so years after the original animated series ended, and I know there's no way to show this here but imagine him with some stubble--like he hasn't shaved in weeks. He's no longer a teenager--he's now in his mid-twenties. 
"Do you know why school is structured to four years?"
"Because that's how life goes-we graduate every four years and end up a freshman all over again."
From behind Terry's head: we see the skyscrapers and the other flying cars looping around the futuristic Gotham City. 
But a year after he's been gone, there's just this. Driving endlessly.


  1. I always heard it was seven.

    Simple little page. Feels like something that would come at the end of an issue, an arc, or even a series. Kind of dour and hopeful all at the same time.

  2. Thanks, Phil! Was it seven years? I lost track of what it was, but I liked the thought of Terry McGinnis eventually continuing on after Bruce passes of old age. What that would be like for him. Sorry the formatting is so weird--I've been playing with Scrivener and it doesn't seem like it's coming away clearly here. Will probably just stick with the previous method.


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