Monday, January 9, 2017

Batman Beyond - Machine Learning - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Close on an in-progress marble bust. It's suppose to be Alfred, but that is not an easy thing to decipher.

BRUCE (off-panel): Terry, I said to do this without assistance.

2 - On Bruce and Terry. Both are sculpting marble busts based on the completed bust of Alfred between them. Bruce is using classic sculpting tools, including a hammer, chisel, pointing machine and calipers. Terry has the hammer and chisel, but he's wearing some big goggles with red lenses that look very tech-y. Let us say that Bruce's bust is the rough one from panel 1, while Terry's actually is looking pretty similar to the model at the moment.

TERRY: That you're asking me to do this at all is ridiculous.

3 - From Terry's point of view, looking at his Alfred bust. There's a computer readout giving various numbers and measurements, as well as a point on the bust itself that has a tag reading "SUBSEQUENT IMPACT POINT, 37.5° ANGLE".

TERRY: Technology exists specifically so we don't need to know this kind of stuff.

4 - On Terry as he hammers the back of his chisel into the point marked by the glasses. Perhaps have a small crack fracturing out from the point of impact.

SFX: whap!

5 - Terry is surprised as his bust crumbles apart, completely and utterly ruined.


6 - On Bruce, wearing a serious expression (does old Bruce have any others?).

BRUCE (1): Technology fails.

BRUCE (2): The only thing you can rely on is what you know.

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  1. Ah, Bruce.

    This is the kind of training that shows up every once in a while in Robin and Batgirl books that I'd love to see more of. Stuff that gets glossed over in a montage so you're not distracted thinking how insane it is that a high school student is an olympic-level athlete with an eidetic memory.

    "The old-fashioned ways build character."


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