Thursday, January 12, 2017

Batman Beyond - Past Crimes, Present Punishments - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Interior, dim, warehouse. A single lamp illuminates Terry in full bat-suit, sitting in a chair with his head slumped forward and his arms secured behind the chair. Terry groans as he wakens. 

1. BATMAN:    Uhhh… What the hell just happened. I think I got knocked--
Panel 2
Terry strains to pull his wrists apart, but they are fastened together with some futuristic looking cuffs at the wrist. They are secured together behind the chair.

2. BATMAN: What the hell? 

3. BATMAN: My wrists.

Panel 3
Terry tries to stand awkwardly with the chair being lifted with him as he looks around.

4. BATMAN: And my gizmos aren't responding...

5. BATMAN (hushed): Big B, you there?

Panel 4
A baseball bat slams into Terry’s gut, knocking him back down into the chair. The villain is not yet revealed, but she is wearing tactical gloves.

6. IRON-WOMAN (OP): Sit down!

Panel 5
Reveal of our villain. A shorter woman, in tactical gear with a mask that looks like it is made of iron. She steps into the light, baseball bat in hand. 

7. IRON-WOMAN: You’re not leaving yet. Not before I tell you the tale of a lowly henchman, whose life you destroyed 20 years ago. 

8. IRON-WOMAN: And his poor daughter who was left to rot.

- END -


  1. Terry's a little bit more Adam West-y here than he usually is, talking out loud to himself, but I dig it. A henchman's disenfranchised kid rising up to be a villain years down the road is exactly what I'd want to read in a Batman Beyond comic.

    (Can I suggest she be the daughter of Lock-Up? Not a henchman, I know, but not far from it.)

    1. Yeah, I was digging the concept. But I didn't know enough Batman lore to get a plausible scenario. I decided to roll with it.

      I definitely think you're right about Terry's behavior.


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