Sunday, January 8, 2017

Batman Beyond - Red_Hood.EXE - P. A. Nolte

1/ Batman clutches at his head in pain.

Batman: AAAAaarrrghhh--

Bruce (VO): Terry!  Get your hands off your head so the sonics in your suit can readjust correctly!


2/ Having removed his hands, he stands up straight and a little confused.  Everyone around him with new sTech headphones in is screaming.  The rest are watching in teror.  They are in a rooftop courtyard.  The Batmobile has a large hole torn in the front driver's side.

Batman: --hh?

Batman: Looks like you were right.  Those new sTech vidphones are definitely un-schway.

Batman: And whoever that was took out one of my tandem flight computers.  Who would even think to do that?

3/ The sTech vidphone buds wrap around behind the head and go into both ears.  The screen is supposed to be projected in front of your face and controlled via eye movement.  Everyone with a pair right now is experiencing a debilitating sonic pulse as their new devices' screens draw power from their hosts to put up localized fields that look like domed hoods.

Batman: Wait a minute...  I've seen this.

4/ The sTech vidphone helmets turn from freshly rendered blue-white to an angry computerized red.

Batman: Didn't I already take out The Joker?

5/ Bruce sits at a control panel.  On the monitors behind him is a wall of images of people who have disguised themselves as the Red Hood over the years (and even a Red X if possible).

Bruce: That doesn't rule him out.  Still.  Better to hope for something else...

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