Thursday, January 5, 2017

Invader Zim - An Elderly Bookie - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Interior, day, library. Zim, in his human suit, drops a book onto the counter of a library checkout station. An ancient librarian looks down at him from across her desk.

1. ZIM: I wish to obtain this horribly obsolete information storage device.

Panel 2
Librarian stares at him with an overly sweet demeanor.

2. LIBRARIAN: And do you have your library card?

3. ZIM: What? A "card"? No, I don't have a "card".

Panel 3
The librarian starts ranting with a raged expression and anger in her eyes.

4. LIBRARIAN: Oh, you're one of those punks that thinks they can just take a precious book. No! Not on my watch. I'm the watcher, the keeper, the protector of books and until you've proven yourself worthy to be entrusted with this tomb of knowledge I say: Nay!

Panel 4
Zim looks taken aback like he was not expecting such a firey response from such an elderly lady.

5. ZIM: Uh...right. How do I get one of these cards? Do I have to pass a series of tests or prove myself in battle?

Panel 5
The librarian drops a thick stack of paper onto the counter, next to the book Zim wants to borrow. It is bigger than the book itself. Zim's eyes are wide and surprised.

6. LIBRARIAN: Simply fill out this paper. In triplicate.

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