Monday, January 2, 2017

Invader Zim - Taking Care of Itself - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Zim stands at his control station, hard at work at something - perhaps have all manner of equations, chalk boards, papers, and the like littering the area around him.  Nearby, GIR sleeps off to the side, clearly bored by whatever Zim is doing.

ZIM (quietly): Yes...

2 - Zim has a eureka! moment, shouting for joy. GIR is woken up with a start, perhaps falling over completely.

ZIM (1): I've finally done it!

ZIM (2): It required all of my focus and intellect, but I have the perfect plan to finally ensure Earth's doom!

3 - Zim looks super pleased with himself, while GIR regains his footing.

ZIM: The Tallest will be so impressed with my actions that they will have no choice but to call me up to praise my genius and guile!

SFX (communications screen turning on): bzzt

TALLEST (off-panel): Zim!

4 - Zim looks towards the communications screen, where both of the Almighty Tallest sit in the bridge of their starship.

TALLEST: We are so impressed with your actions that we had no choice but to call you up to praise your genius and guile!

5 - On Zim, who is trying to look proud, but mostly looks confused.

ZIM (1): Thank you--

ZIM (2): Wait, what?

6 - Back on the screen and the Almighty Tallest.

TALLEST 1: The events of the past year could not have left the Earth more destabilized.

TALLEST 2: The armada is already en route. We will strike while the time is ripe!

7 - Back on Zim, who now looks straight up confused. He looks to GIR for guidance, but GIR only shrugs, unsure.

SFX (communication screen turning off): bzzt

ZIM: What are they talking about?

CAPTION: January 1st, 2017

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