Thursday, February 9, 2017

Legion - Secret Lives - Perry Kent

I don't really know much about Legion, but I thought the prompt of an erratically powered psychic ending up in a mental ward was interesting. Here is my crack at it.

Panel 1

Interior, day. A stark white room with David sitting across a small table from a male psychiatrist. The psychiatrist is dressed in a gray sweater and has a distinctive mole on his face. The psychiatrist writes on a clipboard while staring at David.

1. PSYCHIATRIST: How are you feeling today, David?

Panel 2

Dark, exterior. The panel edges are fuzzy, indicating a vision. The psychiatrist's face is twisted in a grotesque snarl of aggression. He stands over another man in an alleyway, blood dripping from his fist.

2. PSYCHIATRIST: You dare come near my woman?

3. PSYCHIATRIST: You want to fuckin' mess with me? Is that what you want?

Panel 3

Interior, day. Back in the white room, David looks over at the psychiatrist (out of the panel) with wide-eyed fear. This panel and the next should have similar poses.

4. DAVID (quietly): No.


Panel 4

Dark, exterior. The panel edges are fuzzy. A man's pulverized face stares out of the panel in terror as the psychiatrist grabs ahold of his shirt.

6. PSYCHATRIST (op): I'm gonna rip you apart you little bitch. Your face is gonna be hamburger!

Panel 5

Interior, day. David leaps away from the table shouting in fear as he covers his face.

7. DAVID (shouting): Please no! Get away! Get away!

8. PSYCHIATRIST (OP): I need some orderlies in here, now!

- END -

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  1. Nice. I really liked the cut aways. I think that's key to this character. What might improve this page is another line on the emotion in the character's face to help an artist come away with expression.


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