Humble Origins

Who am I? You sure you want to know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said it was a happy little tale, if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary guy, not a care in the world, somebody lied.

Sorry, but how else does an origin story start these days? Problem, for me at least, is, do you know who wrote those words? (*The screenplay is credited to David Koepp, so I'll go with him.) Writers so often are forgotten in history, they may write it but they ain't it (if you'll pardon the use of a word that doesn't exist because it's not a contraction of any two words...).

Breaking into comics is a hard path to choose. Sure, plenty have done it before, but it's been described as either storming a castle or escaping from gaol, either way, as soon as someone manages it they suddenly plug that gap and that's one less way to be able to do it. As for managing this illusory feat as a writer, most people have no idea. Well, that's disingenuous, they do have one idea, and it's this idea that brings us all together here. They say if you want to be discovered as a writer then you have to put your writing out there. Thankfully, now that we live in the future we have the internet which allows us to put anything, and everything, out there. So here it is, some writing.

I should also make mention of the amazing, astounding, and always astonishing Comic Twart website. Go give them a hit, they're basically the impetus that caused this idea. Just a bunch of fantastically talented professional artists who gather each week, via the 'net, to choose one character and then each create a sketch. The results will easily kill an afternoon if you keep looking back through the history. It's a great idea, with even better execution. If this site is even one quarter as successful as those guys, I will be stoked.

Such low expectations are explained by two things: 1) they are pros, we are not. We are doing this to break into comics, and just have a fair degree of fun, they do it to show us exactly why they broke into comics. They're awesome, we can only hope to one day be awesome, and 2) art is so much easier for people to stick around and look at. How many people want to stop and read a page of script when they could simply view a sketch, smile, enjoy, and then move on. We are asking for more of your time and more of your energy. We think you'll find both investments worth it.

In assembling collaborators for this site, I went straight to the comic writers I knew who all brimmed with ideas and dabbled with the dream of turning their internal words into something someone else could one day hold. They're an eclectic bunch and I think you'll notice we're all different. We hope that only adds to the enjoyment of this site, we want you to have your favourites, and wait for certain members to add their contributions. This should be a blood sport, but a polite one.