The Rules

The 1st rule of thoughtballoons is: You DO talk about thoughtbalooons. Tell your husbands, tell your kids, tell a neighbour, hold dinner parties just to discuss this venture. We want the world to know because you might not know that your cousin's roommate at uni has an uncle who works for Marvel comics, and you don't have to know, once you disseminate the information found on this site it becomes its own organic worm and it will find a new home. Your job, like a set of hands in crowd surfing, is just to get it to the next person, not worry about the end game. So, in anticipation, thanks.

The 2nd rule of thoughtballoons is: We pick one comic character per week and we each write a one page script with that character in it. We each take a turn at picking which character we get and the week starts on Sunday. Our script must go up within that week. If you sit out, fine, if you throw up something unpolished that's fine, just do your best and have some fun.

The 3rd rule of thoughtballoons is: We can each only write one page of script. That page might be a a done-in-one tale, or a splash at the start of a tale, or the end or middle. It could be a rigid nine-panel grid, or anything in between, beside, or over those dimensions. The script style can be Marvel manner, or Alan Moore in scope, this venture is to showcase us as a writer, not a copy machine. But, one page only.

The 4th rule of thoughtballoons is: We can write one introductory paragraph to set the scene for your page. We don't want the five years of continuity leading up to this moment, but we want a sense of where we are. 'Sif has just slapped Thor, but it's actually Loki inside her body, Thor does not know this.' would suffice.

The 5th rule of thoughtballoons is: We are the writer, therefore we are in control. We can set our page anywhere in continuity, so long as it doesn't fly in the face of a scene that was already written, nor are we simply rewriting the classics. If we want a scene between the married Peter Parker and Mary-Jane,we can have it. If we want to add more dialogue to the conversation between Punisher and Microchip before the shotgun goes off that's not cool. If we want to show the actual exchange between Daredevil and The Avengers at the end of Born Again we can, but we'd be pretty stupid cocky wrong arrogant hard headed to do so.

The 6th rule of thoughtballoons is: When in doubt, look to Brubaker to guide you home. This is the script example that has hung over my desk for years now.

The 7th rule of thoughtballoons is: Have fun. This is comics. This is writing. This is our passion. Let it show.