The Rules

1) Talk about Thought Balloons.  Tell your friends.  Tell your foes.  Tell your spouse.  Tell your kids.  Tell your pets.  Tell your cousin's university roommate whose uncle used to work for Marvel Comics.  Maybe especially him?  I dunno.  Just tell people.

2) We choose one prompt a week.  Often a comic character, but not always.  Sometimes a genre movie or TV show, but not always.  We take turns picking.  Prompts go up on Friday.

3) We write a one page script.  We can only write one page each, be it a done-in-one, the beginning, middle, or end of a story, a splash, or an insane 24-panel grid that would make an artist want to throttle you with their bare hands until the fire behind their eyes burned away and they stopped feeling feelings, but never two pages.  That would be crazy.

4) Introductions if necessary!  Feel free to write a short paragraph to set the scene for your page.  You don't need an encyclopedic character history, but if it's Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man's body or anything to do with the Legion of Superheroes or Hawkman, like, at all... Just use your best judgement.

5) When in doubt... Check out this Brubaker page.  It's pretty rad.

6) Have fun.  This is comics.  This is writing.  This is passion.  Let it show.