Where's The Art?

This site is about comics.  You are not mistaken.  But you might have picked up on a noticeable absence of art, and that's because we're writers, not artists.

We're using this site purely to promote our ways with words, our lordship of lexicography, our verifiably verbose visions.  To put it otherwisely, this is a text-heavy journey.


If you are an artist, be it aspiring, professional, or whatever, and you wish to draw one of our pages, then please contact us!  Or at least the writer of the script you like...  We will most certainly post it here and there and everywhere we can, link to your own site, and talk about how awesome and fantastic you are to work with, even if your emails were gruff, your one page was late, and you never called us back afterwards to see how we were doing, if we were thinking of you, if we wanted flowers...  Too cliche for us.  But we will do that other stuff.  The first part.  Anywho...


The best way to become a comic creator is to create comics.